Native Caster Alpha Release (v0.0.1)

Today I release the Alpha (0.0.1) version of the MUVR Native Caster



  • Control Mouse using Gyroscope on your mopbile device
  • Control Mouse using Left Analog Stick of a gamepad paired to your mobile device
  • Control Mouse scrolling using Right Analog Stick of a gamepad paired to your mobile device
  • Map Gamepad buttons to keyboard keys or left/right/middle click
  • Gyroscope controls automatically scope to the active casting window and window boundaries are set accordingly

Known Bugs

  • Desktops running multiple screens will encounter incorrect mouse coordinates
    • This will be fixed in a future release. For now, only a single screen is supported.
  • Security Settings interfering
    • Windows
      • Windows Firewall will prompt to set a new rule to allow P2P communication. This will be included in setup in a future release.
    • MacOS
      • System Preferences will prompt to allow Screen Sharing
      • System Preferences will prompt to allow Destop Interaction
      • Both must be allowed and the application restarted.
  • Video Stream shows blank
    • The main causes of this are:
      • Caster or Client behind a double NAT’d network.
      • Selected stream resolution did not fall back correctly or is an unsupported resolution for the selected window
  • Mouse stays locked to one side of the screen
    • Try facing North, South, East and West. For an unknown reason the point of reference when the client connects is sometimes altered.

Report Additional Bugs

If you find additional bugs or want to provide feedback, please open and issue on