MUVR: Multi-Use Virtual Reality

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Make ANY digital media from ANY computer VR capable on ANY Smartphone.

MUVR is a cross-platform design to enable any digital content to be VR capable by breaking down current barriers in cost and computing.

The only hard requirement to use MUVR is any smartphone with wifi connectivity which acts as the client screen for a VR headset. A real-time peer-to-peer video stream can be captured and cast from any desktop screen, application window, video game, or any media in a web browser. The casting source can be a personal computer for individual users or scaled for corporate use within a cloud environment.

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Caster: Web media such as video, canvas, and WebGL elements to the clientCaster: Sending screens, application windows, and video games to the client
Caster: Screens, application windows, and video games to the clientCaster: Easier feature development
Client: Input from the smartphone attached to events on the caster web pageClient: Input from the smartphone being sent to the caster to emulate mouse, keyboard, and game controller input


Most smartphones already contain sensors capable of measuring rotation and movement in any given direction as well as support for bluetooth peripherals such as headphones, game controllers, keyboards, and mice. These sensors and input are relayed back to the casting source allowing for interactivity.

MUVR offers the performance and flexibility of your computer with the portability of your smartphone. This platform was designed with the growing popularity of low latency/high throughput 5G in mind. Don’t expect your MUVR experience to be tied to WiFi for too long.

Got a smartphone and a computer? Make sure to check out the Web Demo.